This site has neen dormant since I bought the domain back in August 2018. I had good intentions but it never happened. According to GitHub the first commit was on the 6th August 2018.

It sat there or a year and a half, doing nothing.

Then in January 2020 I decided to do something. Maybe it was the fact that I was due to hit fifty by the end of the decade. Maybe it was wanting to see my wee nephew grow up (who I adore). Either way something snapped in me and I decided to do something about it.

I joined a gym, hired a Personal Trainer, paid them up front for a period of time and commited to a cadence of training sessions throughout that time.

When I started this in early January 2020 I weighed 182.5kg, added problems of lympehema and a body that was starting to shut down. It isn't a matter of I want to lose the weight, its a matter of "I have to".


I want to be accountable, as silly as it seems. Putting this out in the interweb will do this, I hope. I know that in order for this to work that I need to do it for myself first and foremost. However as I will explain later this isn't my first time doing this and I know a few tricks of the trade in order for me to keep being honest.

Logging Purposes

As stated above, this is my first time starting to lose weight. Back in 2006/7 I started to lose weight and lost a total of around 8st/50kg/112lb.

The human mind (or mine at least) is selective. The last time I did this I seem to only remember enjoying it /after/ I lost a fair bit of weight and could start running and doing gym classes like spin. I don't really remember the dark times, the times I hurt too much, couldn't be bothered or was just in a funky mood. Having a journal would help me through the starting point.. Not that I intend to ever start this again but maybe someone else will find it usefl. Pay it foward.

Note to cyncial types

If you know me and you are reading this and are rolling your eyes.. well firstly fuck you. This works for me and its something I want to document. If you don't know me and are reading this and rolling your eyes... well fuck you too :)