First Session

First Session

Wasn't as bad as I thought. I was pretty nervous. The gym I have chosen is pretty rustic. It isn't a Globo Gym. The PT I have isn't glamorous and/or ripped. It is a weight lifting gym. I'll be doing cardio of course but its all focused around big compound movements. I am not precious about where the gym is and have nothing against Globo Gyms, I just know what will work for me. Also this gym is about 5mins drive away from my front door so I have NO excuses.

This session is more to see where I am at and what I can do. I told the PT my goals, both short, mid-term and long term. I gave him a few milestones I would like to hit within a certain time frame. I'll be keeping these to myself for now. I then done the cocky thing of paying up front for two months, three times a week. He was pretty shocked but it did make him take me a bit more seriously than he had been. Who could blame him, I joined his Gym back in October and hadn't been in once past my induction.

I was weighed, that didn't annoy me and wasn't a shock. Close to thirty stone though, no wonder I am in pain all the time. The human body, especially a five foot nine one isn't meant to carry this amount.

Started of with some belt work. My right shoulder isn't firing correctly so I can't put it behind my head. This will restrict doing any over head weight movements such as shoulder press etc. Hopefully this band work will work it out.

Everything else is firing correctly though. Luckily he doesn't spend too much time round my legs. I am pretty sure he would still train if he knew of my condition but I don't want to find out. I know rightly that it will be hard adjusting the legs to this, however I'll get used to it in time.


  • Band work on shoulder - various moves to open up the chest, shoulders and back.
  • Dead lifts (empty trap bar - just seeing how I move). 10kg - 6 * 4.
  • Upright row (kettle bell) - each shoulder - 15kg - 10 * 6.
  • Bench Press (empty bar). 10Kg - 6 * 4.
  • Squats (kettle bell). 15kg - 6 * 4.
  • Battle ropes. 3 * 30seconds - each one getting faster and harder.

Felt good about ten minutes after it was all done. Trying not to be overwhelmed by the road ahead, just taking one day at a time.